ISRI History


An Islamic School in Rhode Island was a dream in the minds and hearts of many Muslims in R.I. In late 2002, Br. Mohamed Abdelrehman contacted the late Br. Yassin Dhulkifle (educator) for advice and consultation on previous attempts by the Muslim community and made every effort to be in compliance with the Rhode Island Department of Education to acquire the necessary documents and application forms. Br. Mohamed received tremendous help to prepare these documents from Dr. Abdul-Badi Abousamra (founder of the Islamic Academy of New England and Al-Noor Academy, MA) and Ms. Ali, the superintendent.

On August 13, 2003, the Islamic School of Rhode Island (ISRI) became a reality on paper with Employer Identification Number, Bank Account, Non-Profit organization, Tax Exempt status, and a Logo (by Br. Yassin, before he passed away).

To transform ISRI into a physical reality, a small executive group included Sis. Jennifer Ead (founder), Br. Mujeeb Ahmed (developer) and Br. Mohamed started looking for a school building. With the help from Allah, the dream became reality and the school opened their doors to the community of R.I. in the academic year 2004 -2005.

More board members joined in late 2003 including Sis Naema Nuriddin (Educator, cofounder), Dr. Nasser Zawia (professor, cofounder), and Imam Mohamed Wadeed. The first fundraiser took place in the fall of 2003, followed by a second one in the spring of 2004 as the school building was being identified in West Warwick. And, Sis Dalila Rouri (banker) joined the board as a treasurer.

ISRI was established in July, 2004. Many community members helped in cleaning, painting, furnishing, and equipping ISRI with all its needs. Books were purchased, staffs were hired, and 40 students enrolled for the first academic year of 2004-2005.

More members joined the board including Br. Bachar Sasa (contractor), Br. Muti Siddiqui (engineer), and then Dr. Amjad Kinjawi (dentist). Sixty students joined ISRI in its second academic year of 2005-2006.

Alhamdulillah, ISRI has finished its tenth academic year (2013-2014). We pray that the school will continue to grow and flourish and with Allah’s will generations to come will benefit from an Islamic education in R.I – Ameen.

updated 9.2.14