Staff Profile

Main office

Principal - Abdelnasser Hussein

  • Ijazah in Qur'an Recitation
  • Master's Degree in Educational Leadership (WSU-United States)
  • Bachelor's Degree in English Arts & Education (Egypt)
  • Experience:

  • About 20 years in Education (USA, UAE & Egypt)
  • 11 Years in Administrative Positions
  • Duties included:

  • Acting as a vice principal
  • Head of Department
  • Test Coordinator
  • Data Coordinator
  • Sunday School Director
  • School Accreditation Coordinator
  • Training Coordinator
  • Master Trainer, Teach® to the Future, INTEL
  • Curriculum Director
  • ESL Teacher
  • Qur'an, Islamic Studies & Arabic Teacher

  • Office Manager - Summera Zaheer
    Summera Zaheer is the Office Manager at ISRI. She joined the school in April 2012 and is responsible for communicating with parents, managing admissions, handling student, parent and staff queries and ensuring smooth running of the day-to-day administrative duties in the office. She has over ten years of management and communications experience, having worked at Weber Shandwick Public Relations, one of the world's leading organizations of advertising agencies and marketing services companies, managing Fortune 500 and international brands in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    Bookkeeper: Saidat Lamina
    Summera Zaheer is the Office Manager at ISRI.


    Teacher: Sabeen Ahmed
    Grade: Pre-Kindergarten 3
    Qualification: Bachelor’s in Communication Disorder
    Sabeen Ahmed was born in Karachi, Pakistan and completed high school in Saudi Arabia; she got her Communication Disorder degree from Worcester State College, Massachusetts, and her focus includes speech and language development for ages 0-5. She interned at Women and Infants Hospital for nine months assisting in hearing tests and screening newborns. She joined ISRI as a Pre-K teacher in 2004 and continued until 2007. She later returned to the school in 2010 and henceforth has been teaching Pre-Kindergarten class. The Pre-Kindergarten 3 curriculum focuses on Arabic, Quran and Religion as well as the essential listening, speaking and reading development, letters, sounds and numbers 1-10.

    Teacher: Paula Soares
    Grade: Pre-Kindergarten 4
    Qualifications: Teacher’s Assistant Certificate, Childhood Lead Action Certified and CPR/First Aid Certified
    Paula Soares is currently teaching Pre-School students in Pre-Kindergarten 4 at ISRI. She received a Teacher’s Assistant Certificate in 2000. Since then, she has taken many classes to further her education in dealing with children and is currently pursuing an Early Childhood Education Degree from CCRI; accomplishments include Diverse Learner Conference, Volunteering for Junior Achievement, Childhood Lead Action Certified, CPR/First Aid Certified, and courses such as Improving Communication in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Understanding and Dealing with Bullies, Make Learning Fun, Curriculum and Lesson Planning, amongst others. Pre-Kindergarten 4 curriculum covers Arabic, Quran and Religion as well as ABC’s, sight words in simple sentences, reading, spelling 3 to 4 letter words, simple math,  telling time, Geography,  transportation,  Science, and Art.

    Teacher: Souad Slimani
    Grade: Kindergarten
    Qualification: Bachelor’s in English Literature
    Souad Slimani joined ISRI in 2006 as a volunteer and has been the Kindergarten teacher for three years. She got her Bachelors from Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University in Morocco and is currently pursuing a Teaching Certification for Elementary School. Her aim as a teacher is not only to help students learn and have fun in an Islamic environment, but also to provide them with a quality education throughout the academic year.

    Teacher: Cybill Najib
    Grade: Pre-K Assistant
    Qualification: Associate Degree in Nursing
    Cybill Najib is the Kindergarten Assistant at ISRI. She has been volunteering since 2010 and joined the school as full-time staff in 2012. She has an Associates degree in Nursing from Fisher College, Boston. Prior to working at ISRI, Cybill has been in various positions in Nursing from 1996 – 2002. Cybill is a dedicated and committed teacher, and as a kindergarten assistant, supports in planning and implementing pre-school developmental programs for little children.

    Teacher: Ayesha Sultan
    Grade: Pre-k Assistant

    Teacher: Heather Barrakad
    Grade: 1st Grade
    Qualification: Bachelor’s in Psychology
    Heather Barrakad is the first grade homeroom teacher at ISRI and got her degree from URI. She has been a physical education and health teacher at ISRI for brief periods in 2011-12 and 2012-13. Previously, she substituted for Kindergarten through sixth grade for ten years in the Cranston School Department and has also been a Language Arts, Writing and Social Studies teacher at the Islamic School of New England. She is pursuing a Master’s degree in Elementary Education at Roger Williams University. 

    Teacher: Marissa Benzina
    Grade: Third Grade
    Qualification: Master’s in Early Childhood Education
    Marissa Benzina is the third grade class’ homeroom teacher, and 4th grade Language Arts teacher. This is her fourth year at ISRI. She pursued an Early Childhood Education degree from University of Phoenix and currently, is looking to pursue a Certification as an English as a Second Language (ESL) Specialist. Apart from teaching, she has a passion for hospitality management having attended Johnson & Wales University in South Carolina, Florida, and Rhode Island; to earn an Associate’s in Travel-Tourism Management, Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management and Masters Degree in Hospitality Administration respectively. 

    Teacher: Tania Sen
    Grade: Fourth Grade
    Qualifications: Master’s in Science and a Bachelor’s in Education
    Tania Sen is the fourth grade class’ homeroom teacher and Middle School Science teacher at ISRI. She got her education from Midnapore University and Calcutta University, India. She has elementary and middle school teaching experience prior to joining ISRI. She has also finished a two year certification in Biotechnology from CCRI and followed this with a four month internship at Brown University. The objectives of her teaching are to impart knowledge to students to excel in life and help them move forward. 

    Teacher: Awad Khaleefa
    Subject: Middle School Arabic /Quran /Religion and 7th grade Homeroom
    Qualifications: Bachelor’s of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language, Diploma of Teaching English and Islamic Studies and Diploma of Islamic Studies and Tajweed
    Awad Khalifa is an Arabic, Religion and Quran teacher at ISRI and joined the school in 2008. He has nearly 23 years of teaching experience; and got his education and teaching experience from Al Yamaniya University, Sudan Institute for Teaching and AlQuran University respectively. He has taught English Language and Islamic Studies to middle and secondary grade students in Yemen and Sudan.

    Teacher: Nafisa Girach
    Subject: Middle School Math teacher
    Qualification: Masters of Science in Economics and Bachelor of Arts in Economics with Management
    Nafisa Girach is the Middle School Math teacher and the homeroom teacher for eight grade. She completed her education in Birmingham, England, where she also taught Mathematics to high school students and post graduates.  She joined the ISRI team in 2006 and her aim is not just to teach students at their grade level, but to advance every student so they can achieve their best.

    Teacher: Hanadi Zaza
    Subject: Art
    Qualification: Diploma in Fine Art
    Hanadi Zaza is the Art teacher at ISRI. She attended Technical Art School and a Fine Arts College in Syria. She joined ISRI in 2011 as a Teacher Assistant moving onto art teacher the following year. Currently, she is pursuing a Liberal Arts program from CCRI concentrating on Graphic Design. 

    Teacher: Sanaa Janoudi
    Subject: Arabic /Quran /Religion
    Qualification: Associates degree in Civil Engineering
    Sanaa Janoudi is an Arabic, Religion and Quran teacher at ISRI. She got her education from Teshreen University in Lattakia, Syria and has been a volunteer and teacher’s assistant at several schools in New England. She joined ISRI in 2010 and is proud to be part of a community that strives to build a strong Islamic foundation in the community. After being a teacher at two different Islamic schools for more than ten years, Sanaa has built a lot of experience in how to cooperate with students and fellow teachers and has built a strong method of teaching. Sanaa has a long history with Islamic schools. Besides her teaching, all of her five children have attended and graduated from Islamic Schools and have moved on to go to successful high schools and universities. 

    Teacher: Suhad Alzarkli
    Subject: Arabic /Quran /Religion
    Qualification: Bachelor’s in Accounting and Economics
    Suhad Alzarkli is an Arabic, Religion and Quran teacher at ISRI, teaching 2nd and 3rd grade. She got her education from University of Damascus, Syria and joined ISRI in 2011. She also worked at ISRI for a year in 2005, teaching the same subjects. Her aim is to teach students the importance of believing in Allah, loving his Prophet, and learning from the Holy Quran.

    Teacher: Mohammad Hassan Falahiya
    Subject: Arabic / Religion
    Qualifications: Bachelor’s of Arts in Arabic Language & Literature
    Mohammad is a new faculty member at ISRI. He will be teaching grade 4 – 8 Arabic and 4 – 5 grade Religion. He pursued his education from the University of Al- Ahwaz (North Part of Arabic Gulf - South of Iran). Mohammad has taught Arabic Language and Islamic Studiesin Iranian High schools for 6 years. He has a strong academic record in journalism as a journalist in Arabic and Farsi and experience in Islamic studies as a writer and researcher in Arab Media and research centres. He is pursuing a degree in Communication Studies at URI.

    Teacher: Asma Hameed
    Grade: Middle School ELA Teacher

    Teacher: Nancy Quartaro-Kattan
    Grade: Second Grade

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