Student Achievement

March 17, 2012 - Rhode Island Science and Engineering fair

On March 17, 2012, for the very first time, three students from Islamic School of Rhode Island competed in the Rhode Island Science and Engineering fair. With participation of approximately 500 students from 90 schools across the state, RISEF promotes Science education and investigation by students from all over Rhode Island. The participants were Aly Gamee from 8 th grade, Bismah Siddiqui from 7 th garde and Abdulkader Sari from 6 th garde.

Bismah and Abdulkader won FIRST GRANT JUNIORS and Aly won SECOND GRANT JUNIOR AWARD. Also, Bismah was awarded an additional SPECIAL CATEGORY AWARD.

The projects of these brilliant students were:

Aly Gamee-Devouring Oil
Aly's research was focused on finding safe, effective and readily available natural materials which can easily and effectively remove oil spills in oceans.

Bismah Siddiqui-Snowy Silence is No White Lie
Bismah proved that the quietness during snow is not just because of reduced activity but that the snow actually absorbs sound waves, thus proving the reason for the Snowy Silence.

Abdulkader Sari-Is Going Green Also $aving Green?
Abdulkader's research was a comparative study of effectiveness of organic versus convectional Laundry detergents. He found out that with the exception of one leading convectional detergent, there was no difference in effectiveness of organic and convectional detergents.